Ireland v Scotland – a preview

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We are on the run in to the finish of the 6 Nations 2018. As we stand, Ireland are in the driving seat with the Scots coming to Dublin this weekend followed by a St Patricks day match against the old enemy. I would like to be more mature than that when it comes to England, but I am not.

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The Couch Pundit Podcast episode 13

Happy Friday!

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Protests, Murkiness and the Jobstown 7

I had planned on taking the summer off from furiously writing down thoughts on various topics. The plan was to be thought free for a few months as thinking about and reading the news was overloading my already fragile brain. There was a Trump, a Brexit and a commissioner who appeared to enjoy her commisionary position a bit too much and is willing to do anything to keep it. But there was one issue that made me reach for my vintage dell Netbook (not my best investment) to vent and ask you your opinion on the topic and that was the trial of the jobstown 7. These where a group of people who protested against then Tanaiste and all round unlikeable person, Joan Burton.

The coverage of this trial annoyed me, the way the protest was organised annoyed me and nearly everyone involved in the protest on both sides annoyed me. So I thought I would vent into your brain in the hope that you could either correct or agree with me.

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