Leinster v Racing 92, The Champions Cup, the dynasty and the history

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As we sit near midweek before the European Champions Cup final between Leinster and Racing, there are a lot of things flying around social media and my mind before team selection is made. Should Lowe be called in after being left out in the semi final? Where will Racing see their way into the game? Can Leinster continue the strangulation 85% output rugby they have been playing in big games and will Wayne Barnes be the headline grabber post game?

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Keego goes to Wrestlemania – in Buskers of Templebar

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In a change of tact this week I am going to tell you about my trip out to Buskers in Temple Bar for a night of watching Wrestlemania. Yes, that Wrestlemania! The one we all used to stay up and watch back in the day while trying to keep the volume low enough to not wake the house and hope our parents didn’t give out when the next monthly sky bill arrived.

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