TCP – Episode…………. What day is it? Back in business!    After technical issues mixed with chronic laziness we are back! This is a tester to make sure all still works   Quick chat about the pandemic, mad politics and how the women of the world REALLY communicate

The Couch Pundit – Ep11 – Keego v the cycle lobby part deux So it happened again. Who knew saying high viz makes you more visible on the roads would open such a can of worms. Have a listen, the results are hilarious! As always, anyone mentioned / #andacyclist people are welcome to come on for a chat. Please spread the word

The Couch Pundit – Ep10 – Bedroom tax, bad ideas and the gift that is Maria Bailey In some hot takes on some nonsense issues, lets chat about bedroom taxes (not what you think), bad political ideas and the gift that keeps on giving, Maria Bailey   If you know Maria, please ask her to contact me for an unedited chat.   Like, subscribe, enjoy

TCP on Rugby – Episode 9 – Aki, form and the All Blacks After a week in the real world, it is time for episode 9. Finishing the group stages and marching into the quarters against the mighty All Blacks. So, are you telling me, that in a one off game, Ireland cant beat them???

TCP on Rugby – Episode 8 – Russia, bonus points and conspiracy theories Ireland got the bonus point against Russia, but could they win for winning? Journos changing their minds about what they wanted pre game, some strange off field decisions about injured players and do central contracts mean a player MUST be picked?   As always, like, share and enjoy.

TCP on Rugby – Episode 7 – Ireland v Japan Ireland took on the hosts looking for a confidence builder, but in reality, it was a confidence shaker. Japan played like top seeds. Ireland had no answers. Lets look at the game and the predictible social media nonsense.  

TCP on Rugby – Episode 6 – Ireland being positive, referees being negative and growing the game Lets chat about Ireland and how there is positivity in the world again after the Scotland game. What to expect from Japan and Joe’s selection  Referees are under the microscope for not taking care of players.  Online interactions have changed recently and we need to change them back  

TCP on Rugby – Episode 5 – I’m an emotional wreck already, the All Blacks lacking a brain and Scotland hunting an Irish scalp this weekend World Cup week! Let’s chat about the over abundance of information about the team affecting my emotional well being. New Zealand missing a brain and Scotland looking for a green scalp this weekend

Episode 13- ufc ring girls and the real reason fellas virtue signal After reading an article on about ring girls in the ufc, it was the comments that blew my mind Let’s chat about the real reason men feel the need to step up for women everytime

TCP on rugby – Episode 4 – The RWC squad, South Africa and Wales Welcome to episode 4! We cover Joe’s squad selection, the odd media reaction to Kleyn, the visit of Wales this weekend and info on our big event in DTwo on Harcourt street on the 6th September

Episode 12 – take 2 – It’s nothing personal and smuggling things into jail ***take 2*** With the first recording lost into cyberspace. Here is take 2. I forgot all the good jokes and nuance from the first take, so this is just a rant about ‘its nothing personal’ and smuggling drugs into jail!

Episode 11 – Hating everythinng, jizzing in car doors, women of the world unite and school reunions Welcome back! Why do we love hating everything, what are the best crimes ever committed, why can’t women enjoy each other’s success and will you lead me through my school reunion? Like, enjoy and share!

TCP on Rugby – Episode 2 – There’s no such thing as a starting 15 anymore Welcome to episode 2 As the run in to the summer pre rwc friendlies start, let’s chat about how there’s no such thing as a starting 15 anymore

Episode 8 – holidays! love island, america loving to hate itself and being tied up in a wardrobe Welcome to Episode 8! I’m on holidays in beautiful Waterford, so this weeks pod is a bit shorter as I’m tied up in a wardrobe. Enjoy, like and share

Episode 2 – A difficult wank In this reboot we find ourselves at the end of a funeral week where we find out about how our ‘crazy’ families are actually beautiful, how wolf blass is a beautiful wine, how wrestling is dangerous and how we try to hide our real selves behind being trouserless

Episode 1 (again) – The reboot! Please allow me to reintroduce myself, I’m a man of wealth and bad taste Here we go! AGAIN! We reboot with the help of our new home! The Low Blows Network. As always, for corrections/abuse/money and topless photos, you can find me at Like, share and enjoy

Episode 91 – Trump v Biden in a creep-off Hello from raining Dublin! Let’s chat about who is creepier, Donald Trump or Joe Biden? And why America is delighted to ignore their fellas creepiness in order to point out the opponents creepiness America is mad! As always, do contact me if disagreement is rife

Episode 69 – Vogue magazine applauding obesity, us applauding plastic surgery and big bums Happy hump day! welcome to episode 69!   Lets chat about the world applauding obesity for fear of being called a fat shamer. Lets also chat about or love of plastic surgery and big bums   Enjoy, like and share everywhere