Lets get political – Fine Gael have been ”Bailey’d ”

To paraphrase an early 80’s hit by Olivia Newton John, ‘I wanna get political, political’ today on TCP.

There is really only one story in the media, online and in the old fashioned dead tree papers. And no it isn’t the housing crisis, the homeless crisis, the crisis of daily rate contracts for workers or our inability to look after our old or young people properly. It is Maria Bailey and the case of the swing. With all of the important and real things happening in Ireland that needs our urgent care and attention, we are all talking about a grown woman falling off a swing. This distraction is backfiring on her party, her political family and her political career.

So let’s run through the story so far. Bailey fell from a swing in the bar of a well-known Dublin hotel. A swing that thousands of people (mostly drunk women if we are being honest) have had their pictures taken over the year while swinging away on the top floor of the Dean hotel. I myself have been on said swings, but there is not pictorial evidence. Even in my drunken state I was able to navigate the Everest like expedition that is……holding onto ropes while using a swing.

But our Maria struggled. She had her hands full with a bottle of wine and something else. The something else part sounds dodgier than I intended, but I only say something else because we don’t know what it was. A personal injury claim was made against the hotel. Claiming that the swing area should have been supervised and that her injuries affected her way of life. Claiming that she could not run, which was part of her healthy lifestyle. Only for her to post on her social media about a 10km run she did in under an hour. A really strong time for that race, especially considering the life threatening injuries sustained while in the unsupervised swing area. The case has since been dropped by Bailey, partly because of the lack of money forthcoming from the hotel and also in part due to the public backlash.

And this is where we get into the nitty gritty of the entire scheme. We can have a bit of a laugh at this as it is beyond ridiculous that a grown adult was incapable of using a swing, sued a hotel and claimed that the area should have been supervised. But in reality, Bailey has had a personal injury claim settled previously. There is a pattern of behaviour here. In 2004 there was a personal injuries claim filed against Aer Lingus by Maria Bailey (maybe a different Bailey who worked for Aer Lingus (that is sarcasm)) the case never made it to court, it was either settled or withdrawn. Why is this important? Well it shows a pattern of behaviour that is not something we should want in a public official.

The above was written before Baileys interview on liveline yesterday (27th May) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4uGBRN5bUkU&feature=youtu.be it is worth your time over a coffee to listen to this. It is important to hear Bailey in her own words. Upon listening you can hear that the issue appears to be that this became public, not the fact that the case itself was bordering on fraud. At the end of the day, if you honestly believe you have been wronged, then you will carry on with the case. The hiding behind the ‘everyone deserves their day in court’ is rotten also. IF you are wronged / injured due to negligence then 100% you are due your day in court. I don’t think anyone would dispute that. When you are bringing a case against a hotel after falling off a swing, then claiming it was due to the area not being supervised, brings the cat calls as it should! The defensiveness and arrogance in the above interview shows exactly the issue with people in a certain tax bracket. Hiding behind being a ‘victim’ is very chic in 2019. We have to remember, if you are hurt because of your own negligence/stupidity you do not deserve a pay out if you slip/fall etc. due to your own idiocy. Also note, that she is called out about the affidavit and the incorrect information in it, Bailey says that that can be changed at any point pre case. While not being a solicitor, maybe someone could tell me if that is the case or not. I am assuming (again not something that should be done) that if I claim for personal injury, I cannot change my story when it is questioned.

If I went to my friends and said ‘lads I fell off the swing in Sophies the other night, wrecked my back’, they would reply with the expected reply ‘you fekin idiot’ and I would be the butt of jokes for the next decade. That is the correct response. No one cause me damage but myself. That does not mean I can sue the hotel. That means I was an idiot and fell off a swing, as an adult I should be able to navigate a swing.

So we finish with this.

My car insurance premium is up again this year. Even though I am over a decade accident free. I am sure a lot of you are the same. The reason our premiums are up for any insurance is the amount of claims in the system. I am not talking about legitimate claims where someone is injured / wronged by negligence. I am talking about grown people (gender isn’t the issue here) having a pattern of behaviour of personal injury claims. This is not bullying, this is not click bait, this is calling out behaviour that I would expect to be held to as a civilian.

Maria Bailey is what is wrong with Ireland. Politicians should be held to the same standards as we are.

As always on TCP, if a correction is needed then I would welcome a chat with Maria Bailey to deliver the correction in person. I will buy the coffee.

If I rob 2 houses, then I am a burglar!

2 thoughts on “Lets get political – Fine Gael have been ”Bailey’d ”

  1. There are also questions for Josepha Madigan, Minister for Culture, Heritage and the Gaeltacht. It was her family law firm who lodged the claim to the courts and even though she says she left the firm when she became a minister, she refused to confirm or deny whether or not she had advised Maria Bailey claiming client confidentiality. If she is not a member of the law firm then how could client confidentiality be an issue as she would have been advising as a friend or a colleague. Maria Bailey has also refused to confirm or deny whether she received advice from Madigan. If they had not discussed the issue it would have been very easy to say that there had not been any discussions between them but both have refused to deny (or confirm) that they had discussed the matter. Doesn’t look good


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