UFC 203, Punk and big punchers

Another week and another massive MMA weekend lays ahead of us.

I’ll be honest; I am getting burnt out with the big shows one after another. It is a real first world problem isn’t it?

This weekend we get to see Stipe Miocic defend again ‘the Reem’ Alistair Overeem. Along with seeing CM Punk take on Mickey Gall. 1 fight is legitimate, interesting and will produce the goods. And the other is a freak show fight that was booked during a downturn.

Starting with the main event. I really like Miocic. He is an animal, fierce competitor and could be in line to challenge Cain Velasquez as the scariest man in the UFC. Overeem on the other hand has the most accolades in terms for fighting sports, but most of those where won while on a heavy diet of ‘horse meat’. Most of you know what I mean when I say ‘horse meat’. Attempts at humour aside, this will be fantastic. Miocic is fierce on his feet, great on the ground and has decent take down defence. Overeem on the other hand probably won’t attempt a take down between now and the time he passes on. It is all about the striking with these two this weekend. Who connects with the first shot and who hits the last punch? For me I think Overeem hits and connects first, but Miocic withstands the barrage and puts Overeem to the sword, moving on the fighting the fearsome Velasquez next. If I was in this weekend’s main event, I would hope for a draw so no one has to fight Cain. Miocic wins by stoppage.

And then we get on to the emotional main event. When I mentioned CM Punk above, you had a reaction. You either said ‘fair play to him, trying to be a fighter’ or you said ‘he doesn’t deserve it, he’s a fake wrestler’. You are all correct. Using logic, he doesn’t deserve to be in the UFC when there are fighters all around the world who are more deserving of that opportunity. But also, fair play to him for stepping up and doing it. A lot of us (and you reading) who say ‘I could do that’ never get off the couch and actually try. So for Punk to do this it takes a huge amount of guts. It is not for money, he is a multi-millionaire who doesn’t have to leave the house ever again. He wants a challenge and he will certainly get it this weekend. That is a great example to set for people. It is not Punks fault that UFC called him and offered him a contract during a time when they were suffering from massive injuries and limited main event fights.

Mickey Gall on the other hand knows what is ahead of him. He is legit. He is a silky mixed martial artist very young in his career. He performed on the regional circuit and was unbeaten. He looks to be a far better athlete and a far better fighter in all footage we have seen.

The logical conclusion is that Gall wins inside 2 rounds. But you just never know. Will the bright lights and the pressure get to him?

Either way, it is another exciting weekend for MMA fans.

On a side note, I got notice of my next fight in November so I will be blogging about that in future.


@nkeegan as usual

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