Repealing the 8th, social media and extremes

Today we are getting controversial.

I won’t talk much about the ins and outs of repealing the 8th amendment of the Irish constitution, this blog is about each side of the debate, their similarities and their differences.

Before we get started we should arm ourselves with some knowledge.

Wikipedia may not be the bastion of truth, but it’s a good place to start. Read the above and then ask Google for more.

The context of this blog is twitter (@nkeegan if you’re adding). Someone (no names mentioned) tweeted that ‘I’m not an advocate of designer abortions by any means but our archaic laws put women’s health at risk physically and mentally’. I liked the tweet; I think it puts forward an honest viewpoint from someone who sits in the middle of the debate. Twitter being twitter, this didn’t go down well. Not the overall message but the use of ‘designer abortions’ in the sentence. While it may not have been the best choice of verbiage, the overall caring and empathetic tone of the tweet is what sealed it for me.

Now we come to comparing of each side. Now, I am comparing the far side of each side. Most of us are rational, thoughtful, caring and willing to discuss the topic in an attempt to understand each other as human being. The others are not. The ‘prolife’ side (does that mean I am pro death?) complain about media bias and not having the chance to have their message heard. The prolife side say that they are bullied and harassed online when they view their points publicly.

Remember, this is the extremes of each side.

As for the prolife side. I have been having a vigorous twitter back and forth with the prolife campaign twitter along with the person who lets them tweet for her. No need for names. This woman has been on nationwide radio more than once complaining of doctor pressuring mothers into abortions, pressuring families into abortions and complaining that she is not being heard. When challenged, she retreats to ‘choice equates to pressure’, which is another fallacy. She is yet to come forward with the names of the doctors, or confidentially report them to the Gardaí. This is why that side is not taken as seriously as their point of view should be.

I suppose that’s the point isn’t it? Both sides are 100% valid in their points of view. I respect you, whatever side you are on, whether I agree with you or not.

Then we come to the prochoice side. This is the side that backlashed against the above tweet. Instead of taking the tweet in its intention, she couldn’t get past the poor choice of wording.  No matter how many times I said that we all agreed and we shouldn’t be arguing with each other, she persisted. This is a side of the prochoice campaign I do not like. I am not saying anyone is pretending to be offended, I am saying that it serves no one in doing this. It doesn’t move forward anyone’s agenda. She wanted everyone to agree with her on her terms. That is not how society works.

People are looking to be offended, and it shortens the chance of legitimate debate. Without debate we will never fully understand each other and if we never understand each other we may as well not communicate.

In closing, I hope I didn’t offend anyone. That was not my intent. I respect all of your views and hope to discuss them with you via social media like adults. Please do share this with people on both sides.

Hug those you love

Tolerate those you done

And listen to everyone


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