Keego on UFC 189 and guilty watching.

After a brief long-atus, I am back. Still in the house opposite the island, still training and still a proud owner of a white belt.

I spent a week rewatching the last 2 fights from UFC 189 and I started feeling a bit guilty watching the Lawler v McDonald fight. For every Scintillating hard fought McGregor win (with manageable damage), there’s a fight that is so far above anything else I have ever seen that I start to feel bad watching it. I’ll be honest, all the bravado out the window, I felt bad that these lads battered each other to that extent for my entertainment. I know that is what they sign up for and they are paid handsomely to do that, but is the price worth it? Rory is a kid, and that fight will change his life. I cheered while watching it.  How do human beings push themselves so far? And is it ok that I paid money to watch that much damage inflicted?

This may not be the correct forum for this, but it is a questions we should ask. You can call me weak if you want, but I challenge you to come and train with me.

What do you think? Should there be more protection for the fighters? Should this fight have been stopped earlier? @nkeegan to debate.

Then this weekend another elite human showed that she operates on a level that very very few athletes get to. Ronda Rousey absolutely smashed her opponent in 34 seconds. Now I can do A LOT in 34 seconds, but this was insane! It looks to be Rousey v Tate and McGregor v Aldo in Texas stadium. 2 questions pop up, will Aldo make it and…..

Do Ryanair fly to Texas?

As for me, it was another tough training week. It’s getting harder to get up off the ground for burpees. The test for you this week is 100 squats, 100 sumo squats 100 Hindu squats, 100 pushups and 14 cups of coffee. This is zombie apocalypse training. And your warm up.

Until next week…

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