Keego on McGregor v Mendes

As usual, coming to you live from the house opposite the island, while in the garden and sipping on the 13th coffee of the day.

So……..what a weekend eh?

Recovered yet?

I am still slightly delicate, but nowhere near as delicate as the lads still disappeared in Vegas. I have 2 friends who are still missing in action, I assume that dog the bounty hunter is currently searching for them as we speak.

I won’t lie, I was dipping in and out of the live broadcast. I needed to save the adrenaline for the main event. And then Robbie Lawler v Rory McDonald happened and my face was blown off my head. Unreal stuff from the two lads. It got to the point where I was asking the ref to stop it. It got past the point of being entertaining for me to being worried about the health of the 2 lads. All I can do is bow down to 2 human beings operating on a level that is so far past anything I can do that I may as well be a 4 year old in comparison.

And then it happened. Sinead O’Connor singing foggy dew on a pedestal and the tricolour in the octagon. Up I got from my chair and watched as King Conor made his way. How the jaysus was he so calm looking? How was he so relaxed?

Chad came in looking a bit caffeine.

Jaysus the entrances had me dumping adrenaline all over the floor. I didn’t think I would last long. Which incidentally sounds exactly like my wedding night.

The face off, McGregor asking who is going to take the first step back and every single worry hit me at once. Was Chads power going to stop Conor, was the wrestling going to cause a problem and was the unreal pressure going to hit him?

The opening side kick after charging across the cage settled me. Conor took a few too many shots and was taken down but he looked calm throughout. There was rumour of a bad knee for him too, but everything looked good. Nice and calm, the kicks and punches to the body where getting to Chad. We could see that, but he is so good at being like Paris Hilton in that video…….that being a wet blanket.

Then it happened, chad tried for a choke, Conor rolled to escape and then had a look on his face. Just like Maximus in gladiator as he is making the big speech. That was when I started screaming like a teenage girl at a Justin beiber concert. I began punching and kicking the air at the same time.


There are 2 kicks in there that killed Mendes. The air was gone, then the final slow motion right on the chin and I completely lost my mind!

Mendes is no joke. Even with 2 weeks in camp he could beat 99% of the fighters in the division. He came to fight and went hard. Fighting is the easy part for these lads, there is such a small gap between the top 3. It is the mind games where Conor won. Imagine taking someone down and slicing them with elbows and hearing your opponent just say ‘no….’ how damaging is that to your mind-set?

And that is where Conor won. No one has talked back to Chad while taking his best.

So here we are, after a huge weekend for Irish sport, not just Irish mma. I have noticed something that always happens in Ireland. Once someone achieves success, we turn on them. Conor is no longer our little secret and some people are begrudging him the success. Absolute nonsense. There is no bandwagon, without the bandwagon there is no sport. If there was no bandwagon there would never be a chance of Croke Park next year. So if you begrudge Conor or any new mma fans, then you really need to take a look at yourself…

Hopefully this week I will be able to calm down and get the heart rate back to what it was last Thursday.

A fight between Frank Mir and tod Duffee might be just the prescription 😉

Training this week was mainly pad work so I looked like Bruce lee. The pad didn’t stand a chance. Sparring this week might be a different story.

As usual, @nkeegan on twitter if you want to discuss / debate anything mma.

Until next week…

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