Keego on…….McGregor v Aldo

Reposted from July 2015:

Coming to you live from the house opposite the island, this is Keego with round 2 of ‘Musings from a white belt’.

What a difference a week makes eh? It is all coming up millhouse for the UFC. Aldo out, giving McGregor more ammunition to go at him verbally and keeping the fight alive, Mendes in, a serious test but with a far shorter fight camp and Uncle Dana is rubbing his hands together.

You can see how the UFC are strapping the rocket ship to McGregor with this. He is front and centre in all media engagements. He is keeping Aldo in the frame with the greatest smack talk this side of Chael in his prime all the while sticking the needle into Mendes when possible. The plan for the UFC is for Conor to beat Mendes and to bring the Aldo fight to a stadium.

Title versus title = ALL the money!

Put that fight in a stadium in Ireland and you have a spectacle. The UFC needs another one. They haven’t had one since St Pierre in Canada. With the year they have been having, they will be taking the spectacle over the live gate here.

With the fight being 5 days away as of writing I am getting a bit too excited. So excited that I won’t be rolling out of bed anytime soon (show me another mma blog with an erection joke). I am less worried about Mendes than Aldo. I thought the time away after the tour would have had Aldo ready to kill, Mendes is just an America cliché in the build-up. Very likeable, but about as much personality as an empty tin of pear halves.

If the fight goes past 10 minutes you have to favour McGregor. The opposite of that is, if Mendes can lay on top of Conor early then it may cause a problem. I am just looking forward to seeing a left hook land on his chin. That’s when we will know how it will end.

As for my week, training Thai boxing in SBG Blackrock was so tough all I could do was laugh. I sweated through far too much clothing and got kicked in the leg too many times. But you should see the other guy………….he’s grand…

Sure that is what we do it for isn’t it? To pretend we are in the cage in front of thousands of people for lots of money……..

But in this case, I was on the mats, in front of 10 people………while paying for the pleasure.

This time next week we will know if Notorious can handle the main event lights which shine brighter than any other. And most of you will still be drunk from celebrating.

As usual, hit me up on twitter @nkeegan to comment/torment me.

Until next week.

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