What did the English ever do for us???

Pierre Camou
General Pierre Camou arranging the execution of the English rebels

The news that the French have betrayed the English and committed to the ERC structure will be greeted by many as just deserts for a group that has looked to jeopardise the future of the game for their own profit. While there is still a long way to go in terms of the future of the European competition and the tournament will obviously be best served with the English included, I decided to have a very quick look at some of the things we might see next season without the English.

In no particular order:

  • The Ospreys will finally deliver on all their potential

    Sure there is always next year lads….
  • The Ospreys will go out in the pool stages after losing 3 on the bounce
  • There will be less teams mullered at Lansdowne Road and Thomond Park
  • BT wont “own rugby”??????
  • The French wont notice
  • We will hopefully hear less from Bruce Craig
  • Ulster MIGHT win the competition
  • There will be no Gavin ‘Mr Potential’ Henson
  • Clermont will choke
  • Welsh rugby players will continue to leave Wales
  • The ERC citing and discipline board will be busy dealing with the French, as per usual

    Bath Rugby
    Can you spare some change for my rugby club please? Please???
  • Regardless of who wins the tournament, Sky Sports commentators will rue what might have been if the English had been involved
  • The Celtic League clubs will NOT be ruined
  • Mourad Boudjellal will do and/or say something mental
  • The Celtic League will be noted for its inferiority to the Premiership

There will be less of this (Rugbydump.com)

And thankfully this (Rugbydump.com)

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