TDC Music Review: Queens of The Stone Age – TheO2 Dublin – 17th November 2013

So this was it. My favorite band where playing in the point….I mean the O2.

Queens of The Stone Age where about to unleash some musical sexiness for the soul. This was a Sunday (17th November), so this was much needed before going into another work week.

Bow Down

The golden ticket

I have been to a few gigs in the O2 and I am impressed every time. The arena is insanely good. Everything is inside; you don’t have to leave the arena for a drink or food. It is a big bowl. The sound is fantastic too, which was usually dodgy in the old point.

 I found space in front of the sound desk. Something to lean on in between dancing. I had to rest my weary legs after giving it socks.

Then the big timer appeared on the screen. 59, 58, in less than a minute I would get to pray at the altar of my favourite band 57, 56, the excitement is palpable, ………. Strangers are looking at each other with a look of nervous anticipation….similar to the look people give each other in coppers by the pulling post.

The band arrives onstage with 20 seconds to go. Josh is bouncing on the spot, feeling the love from the crowd. He hasn’t looked at us yet.

He knows what’s coming, but we don’t.

We all count down from 10 like maniacs.

And then it starts.

That drum beat from ‘you think I aint worth a dollar but I feel like a millionaire’ begins, the ground starts rumbling and my hips start moving involuntarily. This is the moment I have been waiting for. When the guitar kicks in I will commence going insane.

 And here we go!

‘Dead bull with the life from the low
I’ll be massive conquistador’

King Josh preaching from the mount!

This is insane! The big screen behind the band starts flashing with strobe lights and everyone bounces as if the floor is covered in lava. None of us want to be stationary. There is zero agro in the crowd; everyone is taking care of each other while simultaneously losing their minds.

The song is so heavy but has such a groove to it that you can’t help but dance. The band is on fire from second 1.

It comes to a dead stop and ‘no one knows’ kicks into gear. The screen shifts into being a radio tower sending out the QOTSA message to everyone. Mass sing along ensues.

At this stage in the gig a group of people come over to us and the banter starts. The dancing continues and the sing along is kicking into high gear.

My God Is the Sun is next up. This is the first single from the new album …. Like Clockwork. It finishes of a big groovy triple play to open up the show and josh speaks to us. Ordinarily when a front man or woman says ‘Dublin we love you’ I call shenanigans, but for King Josh I assume and hope it’s the truth. I was at their last gig in the Olympia and the band seemed genuinely moved at the reception. Whilst I may lose cool points for saying this, the gig was so good I shed a tear. I have never danced and cried at the same time, but this night was the debut of my crancing……

The lads 

See what I did there???

Without going through the whole set list it went like this:

You Think I Ain’t Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire

No One Knows

My God Is the Sun

Burn the Witch

The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

Monsters in the Parasol

I Sat by the Ocean

…Like Clockwork

Misfit Love

If I Had a Tail


Little Sister

Fairweather Friends

Smooth Sailing

Make It Wit Chu

Sick, Sick, Sick

Better Living Through Chemistry

Go With the Flow


The Vampyre of Time and Memory

I Appear Missing

A Song for the Dead

As you can see they played through a lot of new material, which sat perfectly along side the classics. Misfit love was a personal favorite and Make it with chu turned the arena into an orgy in someone’s living room. Or how I imagine an orgy in someone’s living room would be. ……

Or how a friend of mine told me it would be…..

Ok it was how the orgy in my own living room felt. Everyone experiments in primary school!

I can’t do this gig justice with words. There are a few videos that can be found below.

If you ever see that Queens of The Stone Age are playing near you, always take the ticket as I can’t recommend them enough.

And if you ever find yourself with a spare ticket to a Queens gig anywhere in the world, give me a tweet @nkeegan and I’ll be there.

After the gig there where very few words. It was mainly along the lines of

‘Holy shit that was good’

Then there was the post gig steam rising from sweaty bodies.  Back to the car and blasting a quickly made play list of the songs that where played.

It took me over a week to write this review as I was sill buzzing from the gig.

I will hopefully see you all at the next one.

In the words of the man himself, to the band themselves, ‘oh what you do to me, no one knows…

Please share this if you like it, and feel free to fire it over to the Queens lads on twitter @qotsa

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