Nom Nom Review : Ouso’z Restaraunt Dalkey

This week in the NOM NOM section we sent Keego to Ouzo’s Bar and Grill in Dalkey. The world tour of that little town continues at pace.

The sun is splitting the stones and I need a steak. I am in Dalkey and thought I would continue the work that Dave started during his tour of Dalkey Village, see previous Nom Nom Reviews.

Ouzo’s is the chosen spot for the evenings feed. I have been a near resident of the area forever but never ventured in; it looked a bit too expensive for me. One look at the menu showed that it was actually great value. So in we went. We were seated upstairs beside an open window, which was a godsend with the heat. The waiter took the orders and I had the Caesar salad to start. It went down nicely. The usual problem for me when ordering a Caesar is that there is either not enough cheese (never enough) or not enough croutons. They got it spot on.

With minimal waiting time and a chat with the waiter, Mark, he was a sound lad. The main courses arrived. The wife ordered the lemon sole, as did her granny who was here with us. I ordered the surf ‘n’ turf. A cheeky 8oz steak with some crab claws and chips. The steak was ordered well done, and that is how it arrived. A great slab of meat, doused in a garlic sauce. I am salivating at the memories of it. The ladies’ lemon sole was a big portion too and along with some vegetables they were quietly enjoying their dinner. I was not as quiet. I made the noise of a satisfied man eating a delicious steak.

Mark came up again to make sure everything was satisfactory; he was given the thumbs up. So far so good.

We were eating off the early bird menu so I had finished my two courses. I am not a dessert person, but the wife certainly is. So this was going to be the test of Ouzo’s. A far sterner test than any professional food critic would use. The ‘will the wife like the dessert’ test.

After more discussion than the Good Friday agreement, it was agreed that ice cream was the way to go. 2 scoops, one cup. Not the most adventurous of desserts, but she had just gotten through a big main course. The ice cream arrived and the talking stopped. The ice cream was enjoyed, but not shared.

Ouzo’s is a great place for food if you are in the area. The restaurant is bright, the staff is very friendly and the food is fantastic. They also have a great wine selection if that is your inclination.

We definitely recommend Ouzo’s to anyone reading this.

One thought on “Nom Nom Review : Ouso’z Restaraunt Dalkey

  1. It’s great to read this as I too have had several meals in this establishment that has certainly earned its stripes to be included in Dalkey history. They catered for my daughters christening and with 16 hungry adults and 4 toddlers under 2 this was a challenge which they handled with flying colours. Great restaurant decor and for me staff. A restaurant can have the best food but without a friendly smile attitude u might as well buy me a bag of chips. 5/5 for me


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