Suarez and the football problem.

While fighting jetlag from the trip back from NYC I saw that our old friend Louis Suarezhas been up to his normal tricks.

This actually happened…

The best thing about when a footballer has a moment of madness is when the supporters of every other team climb up on their high horses and vilify the offending player and their team. This afternoon as fantastic to watch the ‘fans’ of premier league teams putting up funny pictures of Suarez and blindly giving out about his actions.

At least Suarez has brought out the comedy genius in football fans.

I am not saying that these people are wrong by saying that he is a scumbag. It is hard to argue anything different based on his actions during his career this far. I agree that biting a player is a gurier (Mums favorite word) move. There is absolutely zero defeding Suarez in this instance. But (and it is a big but), when you are a Chelsea fan who condones the behavior of John Terry you really do not have any foot to stand on. Without getting into his personal marriage life (that is none of my business), Terry has been accused of affray and has racially abused a player of color. Is this any better or any worse than what Suarez did? How can a Chelsea fan tell me that he/she abhors Suarez behavior when they have no issue with Terry as captain?

Looking at one of my favorite players to play the game, Eric Cantona. He have also got a chequered past when it comes to serious indiscipline. Eric Cantona was a football genius; he operated on another level to any other player in the league when he was playing at utd. For every moment of genius there was a moment of madness. If he wasn’t kicking and punching fans fans (regardless of provocation) with a sweet looking jumping side kick and getting banned from football for eight months. He was convicted of assault. So how can a Manchester United fan tell me that he/she abhors Suarez behavior when he/she thinks of Cantona as a saint?

I blame Danny Russo

Surely now it is time for the football fan to do their bit to stop this behavior. If you pay huge prices for jerseys and put these players on your back then you are condoning this behavior. You are telling the clubs that it is ok to have players who break laws on their books.

Should we not look in the mirror first, before shouting at other clubs?

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