Flanagan and Wallace, our version of Dumb and Dumber?

This morning, while cleaning cat vomit off the cooker, I heard a story on Newstalk Breakfast that made my blood boil. It involved our favourite comedy politician. That man is Luke ‘ming’ Flanagan. He is one half of our Laurel and Hardy act in Dail Eireann, the other being ‘80’s rock’ Mick Wallace.

The Flanagan story is that he was stopped on June 3rd 2012, while driving to the Dail for a meeting. He was using his mobile phone while driving. A cut and dry traffic offence that leads to penalty points. Should be case closed shouldn’t it? Well it turns out that this comedy character met an unnamed garda sergeant who offered to get rid of the penalty points from his record. And he told the sergeant to go ahead and get rid of his traffic offence.

You would think when you get caught doing something that is illegal you would avoid doing the same thing again. This doesn’t apply to Luke. Instead of learning from his error, and his lucky escape, he was again caught. This time in Roscommon. Again for using his mobile phone while in traffic. The exact same offence. He was told he would be receiving a fixed penalty notice and would be getting penalty points. Then later than evening another unnamed garda made a call to Flanagan to say that he had ‘sorted out his penalty points’, he again received no points on his license.

This looks like normal corrupt politician behavior doesn’t it? Instead of making these interactions with the garda officer’s public at the time, he decided to not say anything. He decided to put his own needs over the needs of his constituents. He had no issue giving the ok to have these points taken off his record. But the difference is, that in the meantime, Flanagan has given out about corrupt garda and has whined about his children getting grief for him showing up to work in jeans and a jumper. Starting with the latter, if I showed up to work in jeans and a tatty jumper and a scraggly beard while the rest of the office is wearing suits and clean shaven I would be told to dress appropriately. If he doesn’t want to wear suitable attire then he should get a job somewhere where he can wear jeans.

wallace and ming
‘Do you know what is going on Ming?’
‘I’ve a lovely beard’

Now Flanagan is saying he wants his points back on his license. He thinks that he has made a mistake and should be forgiven. He is trying to switch focus from his mistake, from him putting his own needs ahead of the people who voted him into office, to saying there is a garda/gardas offering to take points off politicians licenses. This is another slimy, greasy way of putting attention on him while trying to divert away from his mistake.

Flanagan, and any other politician being offered this ‘service’, has the power to say no. if I get offered something I do not want, I say no. Luke appears to be unable to say no. this is not his first interaction with the law in this country. He has served time in an open prison for failing to pay a fine for breach of the litter pollution act. He has been convicted numerous times for possession of cannabis. Whatever about your thoughts on marijuana, it is illegal. Bring caught multiple times with illegal drugs is another example of a lack of judgment and blatant stupidity on his part.

If anyone in Roscommon – South Leitrim vote him in again, it shows that there is a severe need for lobotomizing in that area.

Moving onto Mick Wallace. My anger rose when I read an article about him saying that Flanagan should have accepted the points on his license in the first instance. Whilst I agree with this statement, we need to look at who is saying it. This is a man who said on national radio in October 2012, that he once “threatened to hire a hit man to recover 20,000 debt from a building firm”. This is a man who knowingly made false declarations to the authorities about his tax affairs. He agreed that he had under declared €1,418,894, with interest of €289,146 and penalties of €425,668 which totaled €2,133,708. He KNOWINGLY did this. No matter what the reason, he knowingly committed an illegal act worth millions of euro. Mick Wallace should just concentrate of keeping his thoughts inside his head and try to gain back the trust of the people of Wexford. In saying that, much like his clown partner Flanagan, if the people of Wexford elect Wallace again, then they really need to examine themselves.

The mere fact that these two are in the Dail representing a group of people is very worrying. It also explains why we as a country are in the state we are in. Not only is this knowingly corrupt, it also shows a stupidity that makes your writer look like a rocket scientist. The longer we have people like this representing us, the longer we will have to deal with their stupidity.

In closing, I would challenge either of the two mentioned in this article, to reach out to me on twitter @nkeegan to debate/discuss/challenge anything I have written in this blog.

Whilst I do not expect a response from either Flanagan or Wallace, I would welcome one should it appear. If anyone reading this fancies sending it to them via twitter, their handles are @lukeming and @wallacemick.

Until next week….

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