Nom Nom Review: Mrs Doyle’s Irish Blend Tea

20130215_185146I was recently given a couple of bags of Mrs Doyle’s Irish Blend Tea by my brother. Fond of a good brew and a big Father Ted fan, I was eager to give it a try. The Mrs Doyle’s website describes the blend of Assam, Sri Lankan Uva and Darjeeling as a “decent Irish tea” and it is hard to argue otherwise.

Assam is typically the main ingredient in traditional everyday teas and like most Irish people, I like my tae with a drop of milk. I let the tea stew for about 3 minutes and add a dash of milk (depending on the type).

Mrs Doyle’s Irish Blend Tea is a strong tea and regular drinkers will recognise the full bodied malty flavour you would expect from an Assam. This is followed by a distinctive tannic flavour from the Darjeeling which gives it a nice bite but doesn’t overpower it. Finally the Uva, although not as obvious as the previous two leaves, gives the tea a smoothness which is refreshing and encourages you to drink up! I would flag that Assam is high in caffeine so don’t have it too close to bedtime.

20130215_185426It’s always brilliant to see good quality Irish suppliers who clearly care about their produce. The Mrs Doyle brand is a great concept and is sure to resonate with Irish tea drinkers. Currently available at a select number of outlets, the website doesn’t really indicate the quantities you can purchase and whether it is loose or bagged leaves (my tea was in bags with 25 in each) but that shouldn’t deter you.

Overall this is a great all round tea for any occasion either at home, the office etc. and I hope to see it widely stocked in the future. I would encourage tea drinkers to gwan, gwan, gwan……….

If you have comments or have any brews you think I should sample do get in touch.


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