Ireland v Australia – a review

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And here we go, Monday morning after a disappointing weekend in green. The pre match positivity began to wane as the game unfolded in front of us on Saturday morning. Firstly, Saturday morning at 11am is a tough time to be combative. While I know it was later in Australia but I like to feel combative while watching Ireland play, easier with Guinness than a quadruple espresso but that is another story for another day.

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Ireland v Australia, great expectations and new 10’s

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So here we go, the blue jersey has had the tears of victory washed off it and has been neatly put in the cupboard to rest for a few months and the green jersey is ready to be worn over the next 3 weeks.

11 am starts make pub visits difficult so hopefully these will be watched in bed, but we can always dream. Ireland head to the land of kangaroos, shrimps on the Barbie and Harold and Madge Ramsey. Australia welcomes the Irish and welcome the chance to topple the form team in world rugby.

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